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Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Millennials

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60 Mins
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Gain insight into how to build an employment brand that appeals to the Millennial workforce and boosts the quality of applicants you receive, especially for hard-to-find tech talent. In this practical and interactive program you’ll learn how to manage your recruiting process to attract Millennial applicants over the competition. You will also hear the latest research on what Millennials most value in their work environment. We will discuss development methods that they prefer and how to make your workplace “Millennial sticky” so they will stay working for your organization instead of the competition.

Why Should You Attend

Without an effective brand, up-to-date technology, and a supportive development culture, you may end up losing more talent than you can afford to.

Learn how to evaluate your organization’s methods for developing Millennials. It is important to know what opportunities your organization is offering to Millennials and whether you are offering the satisfaction Millennials are looking for.

Discover the components of an integrated career development strategy for Millennials at your organization. Understand the tools and methods needed to avoid losing your early career talent.

Learn about ITS’s T.A.L.E.N.T. model for management practices to understand the steps needed to build an engaged Millennial workforce that wants to stay at your organization.

Objectives of the Presentation

 » Explain what type of an employment brand attracts Millennials
 » Understand the need for a strong development culture
 » Learn how to create positive manager relationships with Millennials
 » Identify tools and training available
 » Discuss the changes in employee expectations across generations
 » Outline technology that can be applied to meet your goals

Areas Covered in the Session
» Share research findings on what attracts and retains Gen Y 
 » Explore employment policies such as flexible work schedules 
 » Build a Gen Y employment brand for your organization
 » Consider how to modify your organization’s existing development methods 
 » Create more effective management practices relevant to Gen Y
 » Leave with an action plan for creating a more Gen Y centric work environment

Who Will Benefit 

 » Human resources professionals
 » Specifically: recruiters, learning professionals, talent managers, leadership development experts, HR business partners, internal communications experts, or line managers